Bar Trivia Format

- 6 rounds of 10 questions
- 1 extra sports round
- 1 round of hard questions
- Who Am I Bonus Qns
- Tonight’s Task Novelty
- Marking Sheet
- Answer Sheet
- Operational Guidelines

Package Contents and Format:

Each package has the format as you can see on the right. It includes everything you need to run your own trivia night including the questions and tools to run the night such as answer and marking sheets. Below is a summary of each of these components:

The First Five Rounds: The topic for the first five rounds of the Pub Trivia Quiz package is General Knowledge (see samples). They are a mixture of many different topics as well as questions that can't be placed in a specific topic. We have found that these are by far the most popular as they appeal to everyone. For example, some people might find 19th century explorers fascinating but the majority would not.

Round 6: Our Round 6 is a round on a specific topic. The topic rotates through our List of Categories with some topics appearing more than others, particularly the more popular ones such as Movies and TV Trivia. This method mixes up the night and keeps things interesting. It also acts as a handicap as a team that might not normally do well might find they know more WWII trivia than another team that wins regularly.

Extra Sports Round: We provide an extra round of sports questions in addition to the regular six rounds of questions as a bonus. They are extra questions that you can use how you like. For example, you could use the entire round instead of one of the regular rounds and use the extra questions to substitute other ones. Or, you could insert some of the sports questions into the General rounds for questions you may not like. Either way, the extra questions are intended to help you tailor the questions to your audience.

Jackpot Questions: We provide some extra really hard questions in case you wish to run a jackpot, which we recommend as a good idea (see host tips).

Tonight's Task: This is a task for players to complete during the night. For example, match the faces with names, match the actor with his/her movie or solve a word puzzle. Usually the Tonight's Task is only used in the event of a tie as its main role is to keep players occupied between rounds.

Who Am I: As the name suggests, this question requires the players to solve the clues and name the person. A new clue is offered each round with the number of bonus points players can win falling with each additional clue.

Marking Sheet: A management tool for the host to help in keeping track of the scores and managing the Ladder Board.

Answer Sheet Template: Give six answer sheets to each team, one for each round. See an example of the sheet to the right.


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