The Weekly Pub Quiz

If you're a host or venue running a trivia night internally, a Bar Trivia questions package is the way to go. We email you a complete package every week so all you have to do is concentrate on making sure everyone has a good time on the night. Our packages save time and stress.

Why are Trivia Nights popular?

The simple answer is because they work. A trivia night would have to be the simplest and most profitable promotion a pub will ever run. What other promotion can attract 100 people for over two hourse every week of the year on a midweek night? Bands and comedy work on the weekend but need lots of promotion and are expensive. A trivia night is very cheap to run and is primarily promoted by word of mouth. That's why it's a perfect pub promotion. The secret to our success is a combination of things such as quality questions, a proven format and exceptional customer service.

Why Bar Trivia?

The founders have been hosting trivia nights in pubs for over 15 years. Over this time we have continuously changed and tweaked our format to improve the product for the players. No two trivia nights are identical and we offer tips and suggestions to hosts on venues on how to run the night to best suit your venue. Apart from the host, the most important consideration is the questions. They must be challenging but not too hard, interesting, accurate and relevant. We want people to look forward to their trivia night every week and to be discussing the questions for days after the night.

The Package

The core product of Bar Trivia is a complete Questions Package for you to run your quiz night. This includes everything you will need on the night such as the questions, novelty questions, answer and marking sheets. Click here for sample questions and more details on our format.

The Questions

We include more questions than you need in the trivia package to give you more options. If you don't like some of the questions you can substitute them with the extras provided. Alternatively, you can insert the entire extra round of sports questions and use the questions you've taken out to replace others.

Each round is structured so that about 5-6 questions are relatively easy, 2-3 are challenging and 1-2 are hard. It's important not to make the questions too hard but the worst questions are too easy.

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