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After the host, the questions are the next most important ingredient to a successful trivia night. The ideal format and style of questions differs from venue to venue and is something that has to be fine tuned over time. At Legends Trivia, we’ve been running trivia nights for over 10 years and have developed what we think is the best format using the best questions.

We have found what we think are the best questions, not too easy or too hard, not irrelevant or obscure. They are entertaining, thought provoking and memorable. Our goal is to have people talking about the questions for weeks to follow.

Don’t like our questions or format? If you have your own format already that’s different to ours you will still benefit from a Legends Trivia Questions Package. Each package contains over 70 questions as well as other variations such as the Who Am I? and Tonight’s Task. Use these as a resource to construct your own trivia night. It’s easy, just cut and paste from the package when you get it on your computer.

You will also benefit from our online Quiz Manager to manage which questions you’ve already used as well as the other features that will make your trivia night more successful and simpler to run.

Our Philosophy on Questions for a Pub Quiz:

In our opinion, the questions must be challenging but not too hard, interesting, accurate and relevant. We want people to look forward to their trivia night every week and to be discussing the questions for days to follow.


The only thing worse than questions that are too hard are questions that are too easy, just listen to the crowd groan when you ask a question that everyone knows the answer.

All crowds are different but we try and structure our rounds so that most teams will get 5-6 questions right or at least, should get them right. They are ones where the team is scratching their head and ‘kick themselves’ if they get it wrong. We then try and have 3-4 questions that are a little bit harder and 1-2 questions that are challenging to sort out the top placings.


As much as possible, we try and include questions that make people think and to promote discussion and debate within the team. An example might be, How many James Bond movie titles have just one word in the title? This is much better than a straight and boring questions such as Who is the President of America?

Sample Questions:

We have a number of categories such as Movies, TV Trivia and Geography. However, the biggest component of our packages is General Knowledge. These encompass questions that cannot be put in categories and also a range of questions from these categories and many others. Below are some sample questions from some of our categories:

General Knowledge:

What animal linked name describes someone who always gets blamed?  Scapegoat
Which is the lowest whole number, when spelt out, is in correct alphabetical order? Forty 
How many "c's" denote the value of a diamond? 4 (Cut, Clarity. Colour, Carat)


How many James Bond movie titles have just one word in the title?  5
Which movie was released as 'Vaselina' in Venezuela?  Grease


Name the two countries that start with but not finish with the letter ‘A’? Afghanistan & Azerbaijan
Which country has the driest inhabited area in the world? Egypt

Question Accuracy:

PTQ places a great deal of importance on the accuracy of its questions. Our suggestion to the host in the face of a player query is to hold firm and stick with the answer provided. If you think it’s justified, check the answer yourself or with us and get back to them next week.

Players query answers from time to time but in the vast majority of cases it is their memory at fault rather than our questions. We have a policy that if you find a question with what we confirm is a wrong answer we will add a free trivia package to your account. Email us with the question, your suggested answer and your details (venue and email) and we’ll get back to you.

Through this and our own constant checking we are very confident that our questions are accurate. However, we cannot guarantee that all are 100% correct.

Marking Sheet: A management tool for the host to help in keeping track of the scores and managing the Ladder Board.

Answer Sheet Template: Give six answer sheets to each team, one for each round. See an example of the sheet to the right.


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